We have a passion for creating perfection in the model cockpit



airscale has set new standards for those aircraft modellers that insist on total authenticity in their creations. We have undertaken extensive research to ensure that every cockpit instrument, placard or photo-etch part is true scale.


Easy to Use

airscale decals are printed separately with a minimum of carrier film to aid application. Our Photo-Etch full panel sets do require a methodical approach to assembly but are complemented by detailed step by step instructions.



airscale cover everything in the cockpit, from a full instrument panel for a 1/24 Grumman Hellcat, a 1/48 instrument bezel for a Bf109E, a placard for a 1/32 Lockheed Starfighter - browse our store to find exactly what you need.


make the best of your cockpit interiors


Instrument Dials

Individually printed aircraft Instrument faces in full colour, from all aviation eras

Placards & Dataplates

Individually printed, full colour cockpit, airframe and engine placards

Cockpit Details

Photo-etched detail parts like instrument bezels, switch panels and levers

Full Panels & Panel Decals

Photo-etched, ultra detailed full panels with decals

Seat Belts

Realistic pre-coloured, flexible Seat Belts with photo-etched buckles & hardware

Prop Logos

Manufacturer logos and prop stencils in full colour covering all the major makers


a place for inspiration

Fairey Firefly

1/18 scale

A Fairey Firefly Instrument Panel. In this case using the acetate we supply with our decals to effectively represent the glass covering the instrument faces. This was made in exactly the same way as our Instrument Panel sets - a laminate of a front detailed face, an acetate sheet, a one-piece decal with all the instrument faces to match the front panel and a solid backplate.

P51C Mustang

1/18 scale

This 1/18 scale P51C Mustang cockpit was made using the same methods as I use for our products. It starts with research and original drawings and ends with artwork - ultimately realised as decals or photo etched parts. Everything I see must be replicated in miniature. What started as making my own instruments for an Airfix 1/24 Mosquito, grew into airscale with over 60 products and 10 years of successful trading to like minded detail lovers.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI

1/18 Scale

Race #80 is a 1/18 Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVl. Replicating the cockpit of such a well known, well documented and universally loved aircraft was a real challenge. Even though airscale does not make 1/18 parts, there are many of our products in this model. It proved a winner, taking the IPMS National Senior Champion award in 2017.

Fw190 V18 'Kanguruh'

1/18 Scale

This Fw190 panel is for the V18 Kanguruh high altitude version, with test instrumentation. Only one photograph exists of the interior so in this case there was not too much to go on. The panel is painted and detailed first, before a laminate is constructed with decals & photo etch.


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